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Our tax return fees explained

Our fees are simple. They are fixed. You do not pay upfront. Many clients will pay just £124. Some may pay a little more. Some may even pay as little as £99.

When we send you an email with a precise fee quote, we guarantee that is what you will pay, provided you give us the information we request to complete your return, and that you have informed us of all the sources of income and allowances in our questionnaire. We will not charge you anything over and above the quoted fee for any extra work without your prior agreement.

We offer a free consultation, either by telephone or email of up to ten minutes time engaged, to cover any aspect of the service and to confirm our fees to you before decide to instruct us.

You only pay after we have done the work

Some websites offering similar services have charges for credit cards of up to 4%. Except for a £2 cheque handling charge if you pay by cheque, there are no other hidden charges.

The fixed fee is on the basis that you have all the relevant figures complete and fully documented, and that all that needs to be done is to collate them and process them on a tax return.

The fixed fee of £99 is only applicable if you have income only from employment (not self-employment), pensions, and bank or building society interest receivable, with no other income sources.

The fixed fee of £124 only applies if all supporting accounts, rental statements, partnership statements and capital gains analyses are completed and supplied to us when we ask for them. If any additional work is required to complete these documents, then an additional fee will usually be required. The £124 does not apply if there is any property income.

However, if there are likely to be additional costs, we will always come back to you and discuss and agree the fixed costs before proceeding.

As a guide, we would expect any additional fees to fall within the following ranges:-

Preparing accounts for a sole trader or partnership from the accounting records  - this is entirely dependent on the nature of the trade and the quality of the records, but could be anything from an additional fee of £50 to £1000. If you required us to prepare accounts for you, we would have a detailed discussion with you about the fee basis.

For a subcontractor in the construction industry operating under the CIS scheme, there is a fixed overall fee including the tax return of £200

Preparing rental accounts -  an additional fee of £50 for every band of 3 properties if all the underlying documentation is made available

Capital Gains analyses - an additional fee from £50 to £200 if all the underlying documentation is made available. The precise fee depends on the nature of the transactions.

There is no VAT added to our fees.

If you required detailed advice on future tax planning, or assistance with an enquiry into your affairs by HMRC, then the fee for this would be discussed as a separate matter.

The full terms and conditions of the fee basis are set out in our standard letter of engagement which you will be asked to read and agree to before giving us firm instructions.

Our fees are tax deductible (that is you get tax relief on them) to the extent they relate to accountancy work on trades or capital gains, but not otherwise. When preparing your returns we will automatically allocate the correct proportion of our fees to deductible expenses, to reduce the tax bill.

Fees are payable in full when we complete the work and send a return to you for signature. All fees must be paid before we submit a return to HMRC.

Incompleted work

If through no fault of our own we are unable to complete the tax return (for example, if you have not supplied us with any requested information) then we will charge for the proportion of the work that has been carried out on our normal hourly rates.

Our refund policy

Any fees that have been paid are only refundable in full if we do not receive any paperwork from you at all. If we receive partial paperwork or incomplete documentation but are unable to proceed to finalise the return because you have not given us some vital information, or you instruct us to stop our work, then we will refund a part of the fee, after deducting a fair amount for any work actually done.

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Key HMRC Deadlines

31/12/19: Last date for filing online returns if you wish any tax due under £3000 to be collected via PAYE. Only remaining!
31/01/20: Last date for filing online tax returns. Only remaining!
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