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  • We do your boring tax return stuff so you don't have to
  • Low cost tax returns from just £99+vat
  • Follow our simple four step tax return process and make it easy for yourself

How our tax return service works

We have a fast track service where you send the information and we prepare your return.

Step 1 : You make an initial enquiry

It's absolutely free and you are under no obligation. Unlike many other websites, you do not pay upfront.

It is preferable if you complete the on line questionnaire, as that will give us precise information on which to proceed. However, we realise that you are a busy person and perhaps you do not have time to fill in the questionnaire, so we do offer the option of a quick telephone call.

Step 2 : We reply to your enquiry and you decide whether to proceed

  • If you have not filled in the questionnaire, we may ask for further information
  • We send you an email giving you a precise fixed fee quotation and offering to do the work
  • We will explain the legal and professional compliance requirements that we have to follow
  • You can email us or call us for an entirely  free consultation, of up to ten minutes staff time, before deciding to proceed . If we believe you will not benefit from our service, then we will tell you.
  • If you do not reply to this quote - you will owe nothing
  • Assuming you accept our offer, then we send you an email to gather the information we need to prepare the return.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated tax consultant who will deal with all aspects of your affairs. The consultant’s job will be to become totally familiar with your situation so that you can be advised on the most appropriate tax decisions to make. The consultant will monitor the progress of your self assessment return, and ensure that all deadlines are complied with.

In very rare circumstances, the law may require us to decline to act for you, so we have to reserve the right to do that.

Step 3 : You send us the information for your tax return

  • If the documents are not bulky, you send us pdfs or scanned documents by email. If they are more bulky, you send us an organised bundle of documents in the post by Special Delivery as soon as possible.
  • Alternatively, you can upload them to our secure data exchange facility which requires installing an easy to use piece of software on your PC.
  • You can choose to send information to us in a way that suits you - by email, fax or post.

Step 4 : Processing and submitting your tax return

  • Our consultant reviews all the information
  • If necessary. you are asked for further information
  • We process your figures through our system to generate an electronic tax return
  • We use our years of experience to make sure everything appears correct, or if there is anything else you could include on the tax return. We may come back to you during this process if we have any questions.
  • We send a pdf copy for you to approve, by email or through our secure data exchange facility, with details of what is payable or repayable
  • You then look through the return very carefully. If there is anything you are unsure of or you think needs changing just discuss it with your consultant  and we will sort it out for you.
  • You pay the agreed fee by using our online payment facility, or electronic transfer or pay by cheque (with an additional handling fee of £2 for cheques)
  • You confirm in writing that you are happy with the return and instruct us to submit it to HMRC
  • When payment has cleared, we submit the return to HMRC electronically on your behalf

Job done!

Continued Support

You can contact our staff throughout the year with any queries or correspondence you may receive from HMRC. This service excludes any investigation into your affairs by the H M Revenue & Customs, and also excludes enquiries, (except enquiries of a minor or routine nature) raised upon your return under the formal enquiry provisions which would be the subject of a separate letter of engagement.

You will have a personal service and you will be dealt with by the same consultant at all times. Some other online services are just  "form filling" exercises, but you will have the same professional level of service you would receive at your local Accountants for a fraction of the price.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will not miss the deadline, as this depends on how quickly you act, we work on a first come, first serve basis.

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Key HMRC Deadlines

31/12/19: Last date for filing online returns if you wish any tax due under £3000 to be collected via PAYE. Only remaining!
31/01/20: Last date for filing online tax returns. Only remaining!
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