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Avoid the Cowboys

Many people who call themselves accountants do not have recognised qualifications. The term accountant is not protected in law, unlike the word ‘nurse’ or ‘doctor’.

There are many cowboy firms out there that won't provide the degree of professionalism or protection that a qualified firm can offer. Accounting and Business magazine have published an article highlighting the risks of using one of these cowboy firms. Please click here to read the full article.

Avoid Cowboy firms offering tax returns from Accounting and Business magazine

Using a qualified firm like Fabtax means, you can rely upon :-

  • His or her integrity

  • His or her absolute respect for the confidentiality of your affairs

  • His or her knowledge and expertise

  • The fact that there is a regulatory body who will ensure that standards are maintained.

  • The fact that he or she must operate within a strict framework of rules and ethics.

The ACCA on their website, www.accaglobal.com publish the following regulation and promotional statement :-

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Key HMRC Deadlines

31/12/19: Last date for filing online returns if you wish any tax due under £3000 to be collected via PAYE. Only remaining!
31/01/20: Last date for filing online tax returns. Only remaining!
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